Home Buying: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re buying your first home or you’re an experienced buyer looking to re-enter the market after a few years, home buying can be a tricky business. From making the decision to buy to figuring out what you can afford, the journey to finding and buying a new home-including all the steps to finance and close your purchase-is a complicated, expensive multi-step process requiring smart, laser-focused information every step of the way.
Now AOL Real Estate has brought together comprehensive, up-to-the-minute advice from America’s top real estate journalists and experts to help you through the journey. We’ll tell you how to make the decision to buy; how to find the right home in the right neighborhood; how to find the right agent and make sure you’re not overpaying; how to get a mortgage, and find the best mortgage without stress; even how to negotiate and close on your new home.

Making the Most of the 2013 Real Estate Surge

With a stelar year anticipated for the U.S. housing market in 2013 how can real estate investors make the most of the surge?

Regardless of the outcome of negotiations surrounding the fiscal cliff and how well the U.S. economy performs in the next 12 months the real estate market ought to continue to see impressive growth.

Either the whole economy will boom and keep pulling housing up with it or real estate investing will remain the only vehicle which can deliver investors the yields and wealth protection they need and crave.

Currently all forecasts are for double digit growth in home prices across the nation with rents climbing and mortgage interest rates remaining low until 2014. However, whether flipping houses or buying to rent and hold entering the year with the right strategy, mindset and investment principals is critical for long term success.

So what should real estate investors have their minds on in order to capitalize on the market without taking unnecessary risks or making foolish mistakes which will catch up with them later?

Being flexible and prepped for speed is great but before rushing in it is just as essential, if not more so to have a solid structure and systems to scale effectively, even in a booming market.

Refuse to fold and fall prey to speculative real estate investing or getting sloppy with due diligence and make smarter acquisitions.

Remember that while leveraging other people’s money may be great, leveraging other people and technology can be even better, especially when it comes to the bottom line and ROI.

Keep eyes on the ultimate long term goals each day and consistently use them as a guide for all decision making to stay on course.

Finally, real estate investors must stay on top of emerging and upcoming trends in order to stay ahead of the curve.